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Have You Got DotGNU?
The DotGNU project aims to be for webservices and for .NET applications what GNU/Linux is rapidly becoming for desktop and server applications: the industry leader and provider of quality Free Software solutions. DotGNU currently consists of three main projects.

Portable.NET is a free implementation of .NET; it is a complete suite of compilers, libraries and tools for running and developing .NET applications. Portable.NET allows you to develop and run .NET applications (whether graphical, console or web services) on a range of different software and hardware architectures.

DotGNU Execution Environment provides the core webservice component of DotGNU and provides the functionality of accepting, validating and satisfying web service requests. Building web services has never been easier and more intuitive than with DGEE.

phpGroupWare is a professional web based groupware suite which includes calendar, todo-list, addressbook, email, news headlines, a file manager, and many other applications designed to ease the burden of managing your projects. Visit the home page of phpGroupWare or take it for a test drive today.


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Features: IsComputerOn features a guide to installing Portable.NET on BeOS and a demonstration of the Tao.SDL library running on Pnet, made possible by the recent porting effort by Tomas Wilhelmsson.  
Features: New ready to run packages for Fedora Core 2 are now available, courtesy of Dejan Lekic. The source packages can be built on older versions, including RedHat 9.0.
Top Search Engine Ranking & Search Engine Positioning Portable.NET 0.6.10 released
"Portable.Net features the Xsharp.Dcop namespace, which contains classes letting you to interact with KDE applications using the Desktop Communication Protocol (DCOP in short). This article features a simple example of such communication - opening a URL in a browser window, along with some hints about the protocol itself."
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The long anticipated update to Portable.NET has been released. The new version features important patches and fixes for XPath, Serial I/O, threading support, sockets and many more - read the full story for details or download the source code now.
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If you desire to add business logic to your application, VS 2005 adds a Partial Class to the DataSet to facilitate this. Right-click on the OrdersDataSet and select View Code to create one more file under the DataSet with code remains for the Partial Public Class where you can put in code that will not be overwritten when the dataset is rebuilt. Partial Classes are a good tool in .NET 2.0 where a class may be divided into dissimilar physical files. When you build the project, the code will be merged and compiled together. This is valuable where we have generated code and developer code in the same class.
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Presentation Layer
Building Orders
Master Detail
Separating the Tiers
.NET and ASP
Common Runtime
ASP fits between .NET

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